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Experience and lifestyle

What about me

I have been freelancing in the IT business for over 13 years now. Troughout the journey, I’ve played different roles in different sized companies, from very small businesses to larger corporations.

I’ve worked completly on my own, as a member of technical teams and lately, as a member of the managing staff in a small service agency.

I’ve had the occasion to explore various business areas which have given me the ability to adapt quickly. Some years ago, I was more interested in projects that would provide me with technical challenges and skills to gain or polish.

Today, I still want to learn and be technically accurate, but my focus has shifted a bit. I want to get a deeper understanding of the specific challenges companies face in their day to day activities and broaden my overall perception of the business world. I want to use my energy and skills to be a real value to the customers, and the businesses they serve.

If and when I am faced with an unfamiliar situation whether it is related to technical elements, organizational or even cultural ones, I fully commit to acquiring the necessary knowledge or training to be an asset in the situation.

On a personal level, I love the ocean and the waves, I love to surf, surf skate when there are no waves at all, and sports in general. To me, it is about finding the mental keys to overcome the frustrations or obstacles that impede our general progress.

These situations reveal the stark contrast between our actual abilities and the perception we hold of ourselves. In a way, they illuminate the path forward. The closer this gap narrows, the more authentic our self-perception becomes...

This mindset leads to significant effort and dedication, which I believe are essential for personal growth and self-improvement. It aligns with my aspiration to reach my fullest potential and become the best version of myself.


Respect in general, of others and of who we are.

Honoring commitments.

Win gracefully, not at all costs.

Find your own style. 


Having experienced working with multiple companies, very different from one another and sometimes even completely antagonistic has taught me a balanced, non definitive idea of what the “best solution” is. Therefore with experience and yes, age :-), I tend to lean towards simplicity and whatever has proven stable in time. 

I am not in complete favor of Open Source nore licensed products, I think we should choose the best of both worlds to make the best system possible.

Finally, I believe that the technology is not an end in itself, rather, it is here to bring value to the business it supports.

Who is the team ?

Only me… for now

Julien Benichou

Julien Benichou

My name is Julien, I am in my forties, and am freelancing for over 13 years now.

For those who’d need more details about my work experience, customers I have worked for, or technological skills etc… You can check my Linkedin profile, it is up to date.

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