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Cloud Architectures, Virtual Networks, Automation, IaC, CI/CD, Pipelines, Containers, Systems, Supervision, Logs, Alerts

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Automate and industrialize

Unlock time with automation

Unlock the true potential of your IT infrastructure with the power of code and automation.

Say farewell to manual configurations and welcome a new era of efficiency, scalability, and consistency.

By treating your infrastructure as code, you gain the ability to version, test, and deploy your setups effortlessly. Automation elevates productivity, reduces human errors, and ensures rapid response to changing demands.

Code, build, deploy

Accelerate Success with CI/CD pipelines


CI/CD pipelines streamline your app delivery process, ensuring faster, reliable, and error-free deployments.

Seamlessly integrate code changes, automate testing, and roll out updates with confidence.

Embrace continuous integration and continuous deployment for reduced risks, enhanced collaboration, and quicker time-to-market.

isolate, secure, orchestrate

Scale and secure your apps with containers


Experience unparalleled efficiency as containers revolutionize the way you manage and scale your apps. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and hello to seamless portability across diverse environments.

With containers, you gain enhanced security, faster development cycles, and reduced resource consumption. Ride the container wave and enjoy the full potential of your applications !

Offers and services

Cloud Architecture and expertise

Design modern and performant Cloud Architectures for web apps and hosted systems. Select the adapted provider, the relevant resources (VMs, containers, load balancer, storage, database, etc…) design the virtual networks, secure the platform, manage authentication, and implement backup.

Cost analysis and optimization (FinOps)

Reduce unnecessary costs and improve overall effiency. Take back control of your Cloud expenses with audit, analisis and optimization of your Cloud costs. 

Containers and microservices

Migrate monolithic apps to microservice architectures using containers and container orchestration. Scale apps to respond to workload, enhance security and isolate the services. Provide high level of availability for your apps.

Automation and Infra as Code

Automate and centralize system configurations with configuration manager tools, provision Cloud infrastructures automatically with declarative code, script routine tasks, implement automated orchestration platforms.

Source control management

Gain control of your code and boost your team’s productivity with organized Source Control Management. Manage branches, pull requests, resolve merge conflicts make your development process agile. Help your team focus on delivery.

CI/CD & pipelines

Accelerate deliveries and deploy safely with CI/CD, automate builds and deployments with pipelines, implement validation workflows and safeguards.

Log management, monitoring and alerts

Keep your systems compliants and running, be aware of any odd behaviour with centralized logs, supervision, alerts and dashboards.

Use case

OnPrem to SaaS

Valoptia is a software editor, specialized in finance and cost management. They needed help to migrate their apps to the Cloud and publish them as a service (SaaS). They are very competent on the sofware side but did not have the Cloud skills in house to run whole project.

I helped them in choosing a Cloud provider adapted to their budget and constraints (mainly data location and Windows OS available). I also designed the virtual network to host 3 apps and automated every routine action they previously manually ran (create a new client, remove a client, backup the data to another datacenter, etc…). Finally, I set up the logging tool to centralize and monitor all logs from their systems.

Use case

Monolith to microservices

OCP is part of a bigger group, McKesson and is a leader of distributing pharmaceutical products in France. More than 50% of France’s pharmacies use OCP’s application to purchase or request pharmaceutical products every day.

The company has decided to migrate its core application first from a monolithic architecture to a microservice one and secondly from its physical onpremise systems to a complete serverless one in the Cloud.

I helped them achieving this critical migration by participating in the design of the Cloud architecture (virtual network, network security, VPNs, serverless components), the Kubernetes cluster

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