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On Prem & Legacy

OnPremise Architectures, Legacy Apps and Systems, Hybrid and Private Cloud, Virtualization, Sysadmin

What I can do for you

Use my knowledge of on premise and legacy technologies to help you modernize your systems.

Move TO CLOUD or be hybrid

Elevate your systems to new heights (in the Cloud) !

Take your business to the next level with a move to cloud project !

Gain scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness as cloud technology propels your organization forward.

Enjoy seamless access to data, increased collaboration, avoid hardware constraints and welcome less limited possibilities. If you don’t want to say goodbye to physical machines, there is always the hybrid approach.

Maybe cloud ought to be private

Keep control with Private Cloud systems !


Experience the power of a private cloud project, tailored to your unique needs !

Safeguard your data with enterprise-grade security, while boosting agility and scalability.

With a private cloud, you maintain complete control over resources, ensuring compliance and data sovereignty but you can maximize productivity and cost-effectiveness with seamless integration of existing infrastructure.

Offers and services

Move 2 Cloud projects

Move part of your data or services to the Cloud. Design the migration path, secure the steps and safely migrate to the Cloud.

Hybrid Cloud, private Cloud and virtualization

Create the bridge between OnPrem systems and Cloud systems. Implement hybrid Cloud architecture keeping your systems in sync or host a private Cloud and manage your own Cloud infrastructure.

Use case

 Private digital factory

Naval Group is a very large naval defense organziation. They wanted study the possibility of implementing a private Cloud within their own infrastructure to act as self service digital factory. There were network constraints because of the technology in use and they were interested in Cloudstack as an Open Source Cloud orchestrator.

I delivered the study along with test and experimentation results made as team I was part of at the time. We successfully implemented Cloudstack in that type of design and could demonstrate the feasability.

How can I help ?

Something in this page made you want to brainstorm ? I am always in the mood so don’t hesitate to contact me.