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Two main offers to boost your digital strategy ! 


roles & profiles

Mainly, commited to assisting you


I can serve as a consultant and primarely, listen to what you have to say. Together, we can assess your current situation and reshape your company’s objectives along with the strategies to attain them.

Tech Expert

Ready to roll up our sleeves and dive headfirst into the product ? Leave it to me, or, we can team up and I’ll blend in as a member of your crew. My approach ? Either I already know the product or I have to get the info, test and re-test and test again. When it works, deploy to production, document and gear up  for the next step.

Project Manager

Now, we’ve got the game plan set and the tech rules locked in. You need to get the project running and reach the finish line. You need someone to centralize the info, organize and coordinate everything, gather the troops so we can build success as team : I am there for you !


Let the tech do the job (and enjoy being hands-free…)

Cloud & DevOps

Cloud Architectures, Virtual Networks, Automation, IaC, CI/CD, Pipelines, Containers, Systems, Supervision, Logs, Alerts

On Prem & Legacy

OnPremise Architectures, Legacy Apps and Systems, Hybrid and Private Cloud, Virtualization, Sysadmin

How can I help ?

Any topic presented in this page made you want to brainstorm ? I am always in the mood so don’t hesitate to contact me.